SQC & OR Division

Statistical Quality Control & Operations Research Division (SQC & OR Division) is one of the premier wings of Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Calcutta. As early as in 1935, ISI had recommended that the Government should take appropriate measures to initiate SQC method in Indian industries. Walter A. Shewhart (the originator of SQC) came to India at the invitation of the Institute in 1947-48, toured the country, held conferences and stimulated interest among Indian industrialists. The follow-up work done by the Institute led to the recognition of SQC as a useful technique in the industry and resulted in the formation of a network of SQC Units in India.

Over the years, this has grown to ten Operating Units scattered throughout the country as well as a training & promotional unit, and a central co-ordinating Division at ISI, Calcutta. The Division is engaged in research, promotion, training and application of Quality Management in general and Statistical Quality Control & Operations Research in particular among the Indian Industries over three decades. The division has got a head and each unit is headed by Executive-in-charges.

The role and function of the SQC & OR Division of the Institute, among others is:

  • To strengthen national economy through continual search for excellence in Quality.

  • To play a leading role in dissemination of new concepts, methods and techniques in the improvement of Quality and Productivity.

  • To develop highly skilled professionals who are capable of self-actualization.

  • To create a reputation for consultancy service in the area of Total Quality Management and Productivity.

  • To help industries in their efforts to cope up with the growing challenge of global competition through implementation of quality system based on ISO-9000 series of standards and QS-9000 standards.

  • To continually develop and improve methodologies through applied research efforts to attain International Standards in services provided.

A stream of Quality Professional from all over the world have been constantly guiding the faculties of the Division in its effort right from Dr. Walter A. Shewhart, Dr. Deming, Dr. JM Juran, Dr. Genichi Taguchi, Dr. Massing, Dr. Tsuda to latest Dr. Meekar, Dr. James Harrington and others.

The faculties of the division towards Process and Product Quality Improvement have serviced a number of organizations in the country and abroad.


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