Duration : 2 days

In today's competitive and international market place, Quality is synonymous with not just product quality but also cost, delivery and service. These are governed essentially by the objectives, policies, principles and methods used by any industry to manage its function.

The system used for managing quality should provide the necessary confidence to the global customer with regard to the ability of our industry to provide product and /or service meeting the requirements in a consistent manner. International Community has provided the driving force towards this through adopting ISO 90012:2000 series.

 Why 9001:2000 ?
To make a well-planned implementation programmes of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management in order to obtain the following benefits.

  1. Provide an efficient, effective and economical means of ensuring the satisfaction of customerís requirements through all stages guaranteeing good design, reliable and safe performance, prompt delivery and efficient service.

  2. Enhanced customer confidence and credibility of the organisation.

  3. Provide an excellent vehicle for business growth through continual improvement.

  4. Improve industry's competitiveness and reputation both at home and abroad by obtaining coveted ISO 9000 certificate.

 Target Participants
Managerial Personnel from any function of Manufacturing or Service Industries, Management Representatives of ISO 9000 QMS


Green Belt Training

Black Belt Training

Master Belt Training


ISO 9001:2000 for Business Effectiveness

Six Sigma Deployment


Statistical Process Control for
Continual Improvement

Design of Experiments